à GOGO /  It is normal to have a nickname in India and Gogo is Tanja’s epithet. After a long stint as freelancer, it was time for a private label, and the name à GOGO was an obvious choice for Gobitz’s platform of future creations.

à GOGO is the brand name for Tanja Gobitz’ private label which will be launched with
I T T R: a line of pure natural, undiluted perfume oil extracted from flowers, herbs, barks and spices. Free from alcohol, or chemical additives.

I T T R by à GOGO  the  four scents of  I T T R are the first creation by à GOGO.
Future products will also and always have a link to the Maharani, and the mauli will always be a recognisable attribute in each creation as a returning spiritual meaning.
As such, the mauli red thread is the common thread of Gobitz’s career.

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